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The Expression Photography Awards is an international association, headquartered in Europe, dedicated to supporting more than 750 photographers around the world, offering material for studies, and promoting contests in various categories. If you are a photographer and are looking for dissemination, recognition, and credibility, join us.

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Best photos of 2023

These are the best photos of 2023

Meet our 2024 Ranking

Winners of the Expression Photography Awards (10th Edition)

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we present the winners. There were several incredible photos sent, which made the work of our judges very difficult, but in the end, we are very happy with all the results and all the photos presented, it was indeed a success! Congratulations to all winners!

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In this edition we will have 5 great names in world of photography.

Samuel Sacramento (Sam Sacramento)
United Kingdom

Hello, I am Sam Sacramento (Samuel) I start my photography in London where I got my degree, I have b... Read more

Renato Santos

I am a Brazilian citizen currently living in Mexico, which in many ways became the raw material for ... Read more

Dominican Republic

Ciao, me llamo Paola Soy italiana y vivo en República Dominicana desde 2002. Siempre he est... Read more

Emilia Vila

Emilia Vila is a multi-award winner photographer based in northern Italy. She got her first reflex... Read more

Mike Chien

Mike Chien Is a wedding photographer from Taiwan. The current MIKE.C WEDDING artistic director and f... Read more

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I'm Renan Almeida, a Brazilian photographer who works with weddings and portraits. I have pictures published in leading magazines and I do workshops for beginners in photography. Having an award-winning photo at the EPA is a source of joy for knowing that the work begins to be observed. At the award in question I received feedback on where I can improve my photography techniques. And the great truth is that we do not grow with praise, but with criticism or constructive suggestions. The winning photo gives us immense atisfaction. But non-award winning images guide our art to constantly improve. EPA helps us grow as professionals !!!

Renan Almeida

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