EPA Association

Nagayuki Kojima

I'm a photographer living a simple life in a rural town called Mima in Tokushima, Japan. I started photography when I was 30 years old with documenting my children. I shot with film at the time and honed my skills in competitions in Japan. So I did not go to school for photography or art. I have no teacher. Even the industry has changed from film to digital, I am all self-taught. I started challenging worldwide competitions in the fall of 2017, 10 years after I became a professional. I have learned a lot in the three and a half years. Competitions are the best place to learn and improve your skills. I think the key to being a good photographer is to never lose your curiosity and never give up on what you love. Awards EPA Master Photographer, 2020 Photographers of the Year WPE Master Photographer, Judge , 1St place Winner WPPI Gold Distinction Award & 1st place Winner, Associate of WPPI Asia-WPA Grand Elite, Photographers of The Year 2020-2021