EPA Association

Renato Santos

I am a Brazilian citizen currently living in Mexico, which in many ways became the raw material for my photographic expression. With a distinct appreciation for geometry, for many years I embraced an endless search for meaning in my artwork. I can now clearly recognize and understand that all the rhythmic and edgy perspectives are intrinsically related to the deepest of my soul. For more than 20 years I used to work for an international company in the technical field and had no contact with any form of art related to my job activities at all. Order and processes were the only things that matter and it is obviously a very highlighted touch of my personality. I usually feel in peace and relaxed with minimalistic, sometimes abstract fragments of the world that I collect as digital images with my camera, always looking for some visual order and harmony outside, which could be - why not - a way to balance the nonstop boiling state of my mind. The graphic and spatial relationship of nature or human-built buildings with light is the main drive of my photographic interpretation derived even unconsciously from my - not proudly said, obsession to perfectionism. My process comprises a high-end composition technique trained naturally by observation and study of art as well as a post-processing that enhances the initial click and pursues my art the final look I envision. Awards Mosaico Natura | México | 2017 MasterClass Awards | México 2019 FFIEL | México | 2019