EPA Association


EPA Association PRIZES:

The program's main objective is to encourage, educate, and to continuously motivate photographers so that they remain committed to their craft.

FIRST PLACE: Is awarded to the highest ranked photographer with the maximum number of points and will get 15 images for the next contest.
Points received at previous competitions will not be considered for these prizes.

SECOND PLACE: will be awarded with 10 free entries to the next competition.
Points received at previous competitions will not be considered for these prizes.

THIRD PLACE: will be awarded with 05 free entries to the next competition.
Points received at previous competitions will not be considered for these prizes.

EPA organises 4 competitions per year; First Half, Second Half a Third half and the Annual Final. After these 4 competitions, winners will be elected.

These above prizes are limited to the top 3 photographers attaining the most points overall (not per category) in every competition.

Can I share my badges on my website?

You can download your badges from your EPA profile and write your name on it. Also, you can copy the html code on your profile and share it on your website if you wish.

How many photos can I submit?

You can send as many photos as you want.

Can purchased credits be refunded?

No. However, they never expire. You can use your credits at any competition you want.

How to participate?

Login or create a new account in order to purchase your credits. Once the registration process is completed, just follow the instructions to upload your photographs.

Should I watermark my imagems?

No. If you do so, your watermarked photo will be removed from the competition. We will appropriately credit all winning photographers.

Will my images be sold?

No. You retain copyright to your photograph and the Sponsors may not sell your photos. All entries may be posted online so that viewers may view all competing entries. And winning entries may be used in connection with the competition and promotion of the competition for a period of 24 months without any notice but the credits will be given to all photographers owning the photo.


1. Everyone can be a participant, regardless of being a member or non-member of the association.

2. The winning images will be sent to the ward-winning photo gallery on the EPA Association website containing the award seal and the name of the author of the photo, as well as published to a wide audience on social media.

3. Images already awarded by the association cannot be re-registered.

4. The registration of images already awarded in other associations is allowed.

5. Each winning photo will be published in its original category. Note each category has its own specific rules.

6. The association reserves the right to create new contests, rules, categories as needed.

7. Only copyrighted photos (photos created by the photographer himself) will be accepted. Photos taken by a team photographer will be automatically excluded from the contest.

8. A member of the jury committee can only participate in a contest that is not part of the examining board.

9. Photos must be resized at 2000 px on the largest side and with 72 DPI.

10. The pictures can not contain the watermark brand logo. The author is responsible for the images' right to use.

11. The responsibility for having the Image Use Right rests with the participating photographer. If the person portrayed the photographer in court for improper use of his image, the EPA Association disclaims any future judicial or extrajudicial charges and for an unlimited time.

12. In case of accusation of plagiarism or very similar to that of another photographer, the image will undergo a thorough analysis by those responsible for the association and may be disqualified from the contests if they perceive a lack of originality in the material created.

13. Color, black and white photos can be sent and edited.

14. The judges will evaluate the photos taking into account the originality, the composition, the creativity, the direction, the light, the technique, the artistic expressions, the message transmitted and or the visual impact presented in the image.

15. The jurors will make the evaluations of the works sent without the author's knowledge, increasing the impartiality of the judgment.

16. The member (associate) when signing up for the association and uploading his images, fully agrees with all the rules of the regulation, our Privacy Policy, the rules of the competitions and the categories he chose to participate in.


Entry must not violate or infringe any third-party copyright, trademark, trade dress, or other proprietary right of any entity or person (living or deceased), including but not limited to rights of privacy, publicity or portrayal in a false light.

Entry must not make reference to any commercial/corporate advertising, including but not limited to corporate logos, brand names, slogans, political, or religious statements, or be otherwiseobjectionable, as determined in Sponsor/Administrator's sole discretion.

Any Entry deemed inappropriate or unsuitable, in Sponsor’s/Epa’sole discretion, will be disqualified and removed from the competition.

Entry must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Entry cannot defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about Sponsor/EPA or any other entity associated with the Contest, or their respective products and services, or other people, products or companies.


Supreme award (100 points)
Perfect photo.

Platinum award (95-99 points)
Outstanding photo. Approaching the highest level of imagination, creativity and technique.

Gold Award (90-94 points)
Excellent Photo. Exhibiting outstanding skills in all areas and originality.

Silver Award (85 - 89 points)
Above Average photo. Excellent use of imagination, skill and technique.

Bronze Award (80 - 84 points)
Standard Practice photo. Above average skill and technique in most areas.

No award (79 points ou menos)
Below Standard photo. Good saleable work consistent with standard professional practice.